Belugas and Friesians

IMG_1127I had the privilege of spending time watching these glorious Belugas yesterday. It left me with a peaceful feeling. I was reminded of the woman who had a stroke and said she could only feel the energy of people as they entered a room. I don’t speak or understand or know Belugas personally but spiritually I could feel the energy they create in that cold still water.

I felt the same way about the sea turtles. How lucky am I to have spend a few precious seconds staring straight into the eyes of an ancient turtle? He was as curious about me as I of him, as close and pressing to the acrylic wall between us as I, and gently engaged in the act of knowing one another, as best as two beings can know one another. Really, I felt, that we were the best of friends, as intimate as two people can be. We get so caught up in words we forget that knowing one another is really as simple as looking each other in the eye, if only for a moment, but doing so and nothing else.

Sometimes it isn’t even necessary for eyes to be open. I rode Willow today and from her back I couldn’t see her face nor she mine, but still I could feel every apprehension she had, ¬†every surge of confidence, fear, timidity or brave moment. It was all there in the universal body language we all speak but tend to ignore. We communicated nicely without talking or looking and the result was nothing short of a fairy tale with a happy ending.

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