Oprah, Cookies and Pictures Galore

I love watching Oprah’s Lifeclass online. All the ones I’ve seen are great but I especially loved the episode on gratitude. I bought Deepak Chopra’s book and I’m enjoying reading it. A lot of the exercises he wants me to do are as hard as Jane Fonda’s. You know how she makes sweaty painful aerobics look fun? That’s how Chopra makes silence sound. Or meditation. He calls it “bliss”. Try it. It’s torture. These guys know that this hard work does wonders for the body and soul and that it does get easier. But for beginners like me, jumping jacks are fine for the first few seconds and then become exponentially more difficult as time goes on…as is quiet time….until you do either one for so long it becomes easy again. Be inspired to work your own soul by watching the course. Here’s the link:


Apparently spiritual growth turns up the sugar cravings so I made oatmeal cookies. I regularly destroy baked goods by eyeballing the ingredients and this time was no exception. I put too much baking soda in the batter. It’s a disgusting disaster in baking. It’s like eating aluminum foil. I looked it up online and it appears that there is a ratio of chemical leavening (baking powder or soda) to flour that can’t be altered. So I crushed all the cookies and added a whole bunch of flour and virgin coconut oil (my new favorite fat) and smashed them into a 9×12 pan. I poured sweetened condensed milk over them and sprinkled coconut on top of that. I chopped all the chocolate I had in the house and covered the whole thing in it. Voila! Cookie Crumb Crust Magic Bars. Crumbly, melty, sweet and delicious. Aluminum taste neutralized. Sweet tooth satisfied, half a pan later I’m not feeling too well.

I’ve continued to take hundreds of self portraits. I haven’t liked taking or being in pictures for years but my experiment is working. I’m becoming so comfortable with cameras I hardly care what the image looks like. Sometimes I snap dozens of pictures and then I forget to look at them. I’ve photographed myself after laughing or crying. I’ve noticed that those strong emotions doesn’t photograph well. My favorites are the relaxed ones with the best light or special moments in my life. Here are a few:

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