Pretty Palomino

So here is the beautiful Palomino I’ve been riding at Russ Thompson’s. She’s such a nice horse you wouldn’t believe what a joy she is to ride. She is so responsive, brave and dependable. She’s a great little horse with a special personality. She’s smooth, she’s soft and she’s got some very expressive caramel eyes. Doesn’t she look like a dream horse?
I love riding up at the stables and I learn so much from them but I really miss having my own horse. I miss the relationship you have together. I miss the companionship and the freedom to ride alone or wherever whenever. I’m sure I did the right thing giving Velvet up because she’s doing so much better getting training and feed and care from someone with a lot more experience than I have, but I miss my partner.
One thing about horses is that mistakes don’t go over well. A little mistake actually comes with giant consequences. Whether it’s in riding, caring or purchasing the animal, I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes but at a tremendously high cost. It’s disappointing. I guess in other areas of my life I can afford to be impatient, indecisive or just plain lazy but with horses that will get you into a world of trouble. You’ve got to point and steer and follow through or you’ll end up off the side of the mountain. You have to make a plan and stick with it. You have to be flexible and alert to change course if need be. You have to be present. I don’t know if I’ve learned enough from the past mistakes to not make another one. But we’ll see. In the meantime I’ve got to build up my horse fund. So far it’s empty. I’ve got a lot of work to do.
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