Walking Horse Wonders

Today is one of those days I will never forget. It ranked high on the list of all-time best days ever. It started out when I woke up thinking it was the middle of the night but realized it was the morning. Apparently I had slept so well I didn’t realize the night had gone by. That was fantastic in and of itself. Then I went to Russ’ to ride. When I arrived, the barn was cloaked in a cloud.  There was a gorgeous liver chestnut staliion standing in the crossties. I started asking Russ what it was like to ride him so he threw me up on his back. Wow. WOW. WOW! First of all, I could barely get up that high. Second of all, all I did was a flat walk up and down the barn aisle and tears were streaming down my face it was so exhilarating. Later, I heard his son describe it as “the feeling you could bust right through a wall” and I’d say that was dead-on. I felt like I was on a magic dragon that had the power to break through the world and the courage not to. He was as delicate as a gentle old gelding in my hands but as strong as a giant bull. He was elegant, he was smooth, he was invincible. He had style, he had strength, he had it all! Man, oh man, when I got off that horse I was shaking. I literally shook like a little goose. My legs were wobbling. My mind was racing. I felt like I had just driven a Ferrari only it wasn’t a car, it was a horse. A horse!! A horse! Wow. wow. wow. wow. wow.

No other way to describe it.

Then I rode Angel up into the mountains. You couldn’t have named her more appropriately. She was just that..an absolute Angel. Beautiful to look at with her golden coat and flaxen mane, smooth as a Cadillac and brave as a bear. We went past a tree trimming truck, through the river, a pack of dogs and countless other frightening obstacles and that mare cruised along like all was right in the world, which it was. We rode above the clouds and into the sunshine. By the time we came back the clouds had sank into the sand and the barn was under just as blue a sky as you could imagine.

The whole day was so beautiful. I learned about the horses and the history of Devore. You’d think a little town like that doesn’t have much to say for itself but you’d be wrong. Between the freight trains, The Screaming Chicken Saloon, the mountains and the highly questionable hobbies of its inhabitants, there is a lot to talk about. In fact there is lots to laugh about and lots of nice horses to come back and ride next week. How will I be able to wait that long?!

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