Chapter 3: Horses and Dinner

The Gods must be listening! I had a great ride today. I went out to Russ Thompson’s place and rode the most amazing champagne filly. She was so beautiful, so willing, so smooth and so well-trained. It was amazing! I must’ve looked like a clown I was smiling so much. Russ has that horse so well broke that it took nothing more than sitting back on my pockets for her to slow down and a kiss to make her go forward. She was so responsive! Russ would suggest the most subtle cues and this horse responded just like that. I felt like Dr.Doolittle our communication was so clear! Wow, what an amazing feeling.

Meanwhile, Velvet was so gorgeous I didn’t even recognize her. He’s been able to get weight on her and she has a very becoming new bridle path. Her hair was soft, her body was shampooed and that horse just looked like a show horse she was so beautiful. I never saw her so pretty. However, I did recognize her rearing and pawing and nervousness. She was in a full sweat just standing in the cross ties. She didn’t seem to recognize me, either, by the way. She didn’t calm down at all when I saw her and she was so uptight even I didn’t want to get kicked by one of her clean shiny hooves. That all changed when Russ came by, though. He was a little like Buck, he’d just put a hand on her shoulder and she’d settle down. It was quite miraculous. I felt so good about her being with him, I know he will pull the potential out of that horse with quiet consistency.

We went out on a trail ride and I was amazed by what they were able to do with her. She walked, for one thing. I never really saw her do that very often. She was in complete control the whole time and when she got prancy and ancy they corrected her with hardly a motion. It was really something. She didn’t rear or buck with them. It was like she recognized the limits and took heed. I guess I didn’t know how to enforce limits.

But the champagne mare I rode had none of those issues. She was alive and well and full of pep and go but it was all very relaxed. Her engine only started when I asked it to. I still feel very drawn to the black horse with a blaze who lives next to Velvet so I hope I can ride her next time I get out there. There definitely will be a next time and I hope it’s soon. Between Russ’ accent, his sense of humor and his outstanding horses I can’t think of a better way to spend the day.

Only now I want to buy one of those horses so I can ride more often and for that I’ll need to make some money. Those glorious animals don’t come cheap and I just know there’s got to be some way for me to create an income to support the equine habit. As for food, it won’t be that. Dinner bombed tonight, I don’t know if my head was still in the saddle or what but it had to be the worst dinner I’ve ever made. Over half of it ended up in the garbage it was so bad. We might as well have just eaten pudding.

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