Food and Horses (Chapter 2)

I’m having one of those days when I feel like I have a lot to do later. Later. Not now, but later. I have to learn the next part of the song, later. I need to write my own new song, later. Right now it’s dinner time.

I went to Super King yesterday so I have a fridge that looks like Souplantation. I love it! I can mix every vegetable together or serve each one on their own. I have fresh bread to eat with it and plenty of color to make the table feel bright. Especially the radishes. Radishes remind me of my mother, who is the only person I know who eats them regularly. They are so bright and attractive they made my wilted salad of roasted vegetables look a bit dank. But they’ll add some crunch and spice and I think it will be okay. Like I said before, presentation has never been my strong suit.

As if the Gods were reading my blog, I was able to ride today. Andi and I took Nikki and Chulita over the dam and into the Rose Bowl. I rode Nikki initially, we traded about midway, and then we traded back when I couldn’t slow Chulita down. Tomorrow we’re heading over to Russ’. I hope I get to ride the black horse I have fallen in love with.

So happy dinner for now everyone, unless you’re eating later.

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