There’s one word that just flattens me right now. I mean, really, for the first time truly and ever I hear this word and I just feel completely outnumbered and overwhelmed . It’s a word with so many meanings. This word means there has been a mighty drama, a petty infraction, a felony or a misdemeanor. This word means there has been injustice. This word means someone’s in pain or someone’s suffering. This word means someone is in need. This word means someone is hungry or thirsty or tired or angry. This word means someone has hurt someone else, someone has hurt themselves or something has hurt someone. Have you guessed the word? The word with so many painful definitions, decisions, desires that I literally cringe at its sound? It’s Mom. Mom, Mom! MOMMMM!!! Mommmm, MOOOOOOMM, whichever way it comes out is just too much right now. It’s too much.

Oh, and, the rotting stinking dead rat trapped in the wall is as good a metaphor for how I’m feeling right now as I could come up with. Running around happily sticking my nose in places it didn’t belong yesterday, finding myself trapped until rotting stinking and dead today, spiritual awakening and heaven tomorrow? Who knows maybe tomorrow Mom will be my favorite sound? I sure hope so because these are walls I wouldn’t want torn down and if I had to do it again I’d be sticking my nose back in the same old place. Life is so awkward. Help!

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One Response to Too MUCH

  1. Sheila says:

    Oh Sister…I know that word! Lately that I hear that word and all I really hear is “I DEMAND!” It smothers me….


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