A Day in the Life

The winter break is coming to an end. The temperature feels near 90 everyday so it’s hard to imagine there even was a winter break but there was, and it’s in its final weekend. Monday all the children will return to school and I will return to myself.

Yesterday when I took the kids to the river they laughed at their shadows. Here we are:

It’s good to be a kid. It’s good to be around a kid. It’s good to be able to burst out laughing at your own shadows. When you grow up your shadow becomes something else, something sad, something lonely, something to work on or fix, but rarely something funny.
Asher and Elkin rode Niki in Pat’s yard today. There wasn’t any bucking or bolting but Asher couldn’t stop her from eating Pat’s roses.
Speaking of eating, it was Three Kings Day today so we made our Apple Frangipane Galette. The children were very excited about it. I invited Charlotte to stay, she agreed, and played My Funny Valentine for me while we waited for Robert to come home. It was lovely. I enjoy her playing so much.
Orion found the fevre. He crowned Elkin his queen and the whole thing went off without the hint of a grown-up shadow.
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