Lately I’ve been practicing guitar for hours. Why? I wonder, why am I doing this? Why do I need to memorize Blackbird? I can listen to a recording, for goodness sake. I don’t know why. I just need to learn it myself. It takes hours, so I keep working on it. Why don’t I spend those hours writing a book? Or working on some commercial venture? I don’t know. Maybe that will be later.

So what did I do today? I played Blackbird. Then I took the kids down the horse trail to the water. They complained, dragged, whined and kicked up a lot of dust until they got to the shady stream. Then they wouldn’t leave! They loved it there. The logs and rocks and half inch deep creek was just the right landscape for adventures and dreams of all sorts. But the good feelings didn’t last. The walk back was just as dusty and whiny and argument-ridden as the way there.

When we got back I played Blackbird. We also made Gak. I will admit that I didn’t follow the recipe exactly so I made something more like Gaq but anyway, they loved it. They saw my failure as true success and played with it for a long time. Meanwhile, I played Blackbird.

It was very hot outside so I took a stool outside where I could play Blackbird while they ate popsicles. Then we went to get Egypt project styrofoam balls. I played Blackbird when we got home. Then we set up the cars and trains and the kids played with those while I  played Blackbird. We washed dishes, did laundry, painted with invisible (no mess!) paint. We painted with very visible (very messy!) paint. We played Blackbird.

Now we’re off to dinner with Dad. Thai food tonight. He tried to talk me into the Chinese Buffet but I just couldn’t do it. When I get back, maybe I’ll play Blackbird again.

I think the pattern of verses and chorus are creeping into my speech pattern. Or maybe just this post. Maybe if I incorporate the metronome into my next post I’ll get a poem out of it. What did you do today?

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