My Favorite Things: 2011

In no particular order:

  1. Uruguayan wool. This wool comes from South Wool Company. This isn’t the first year I discovered them but this is the first year I truly learned to appreciate these gorgeous hand dyed, hand spun fibers. I ordered a huge box and it was worth the long wait.
  2. Guitar. Oh, how I love thee! I wish I had started earlier but truly I am joyous to be playing now.
  3. Byron Katie. I can’t even utter the word ‘joy’ without mentioning her. Call it new age guru bologna, call it crazy, call it wisdom, call it commercial, in fact, call it whatever you want. I am better off having read and incorporated just some of this woman’s way of being into my life.
  4. Ahab’s Wife. Since we’re talking about books I have to mention this novel. I read so much in 2011 and I have to say this book was one of my favorites. Naslund uses rich language and a simple premise to create something very special.
  5. Our new house. Ok, so I’ve had a new house many times in the last ten years but this one tops the list. I love everything about it. The rooms, the yard, the location, the bricks, the flowers, the trees, the walls, the cupboards, the tiles. It all smells, breathes and feels like it was made with love.
  6. New York City. Forever and ever and ever one of my favorite things, in 2011 I was able to be in New York not just once but twice. Both times were life-affirming magical days filled with extra pure happiness. The energy of that place infused me like a potent vitamin injection and kept me creating long after I’d left the island.
  7. Pescetarianism. I feel so much better after giving up meat. I had the good fortune of reading Chew On This in 2011 and re-watching Super Size Me and it wasn’t long after that I gave up eating meat, artificial and natural flavors. I’m not sure what those things are besides what was reported on 60 Minutes but I feel physically and mentally so much better. I don’t even have the desire to eat even the most tempting taste-wise anymore. It’s all flesh to me.
  8. Italy. I thought I’d been to France enough times that I didn’t need to go to Italy. Even saying that now sounds so ignorant I’m embarrassed to admit it but anyway, thank God I got to Italy and experienced her stunning landscapes from the Dolomites to the rolling hills of Umbria. Thank God for the cappuccinos, the pasta, the language, the art, the beauty, the people and the fashion. Thank God for the ancient stone houses, the fragrant fields of rosemary, for Fabio and his vitality and for all things Stefania.
  9. Did I mention New York? I just wanted to mention it again in case you didn’t realize how much I loved that part of 2011. Making movies there, twice. Motherf***er With A Hat on Broadway, Red Hook Lobster Rolls, Hoboken Station and Central Park. I love that town.
  10. Finding old friends, finishing old projects. 2011 was a bit of a throwback for me to 1997. A lot of things began to take shape that year that really didn’t completely fuse until 2011. That tells me that real growth has occurred this year. I’ve been reunited and re-energized enough to put new effort into the relationships and projects that matter to me most.
  11. Me. There’s something about being in my mid-thirties that has awakened my sense of self. I heard a Kiki Smith interview a few years ago where she described her personal growth by the decades. It started with her twenties being a time where she was just trying to recover from her adolescence. I wished at that moment I could speed up the process from decades to years or even months or days but the truth is I couldn’t. It took this long to get to this place and boy am I glad to be here.

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One Response to My Favorite Things: 2011

  1. Sheila says:

    I wish I could sit with you and discuss the above! Such an interesting list….I remember Soda Stream was on your list last year…I finally got one and LOVE!

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