I just watched BUCK. Nothing like a horse whisperer to make you feel like a horse retard. That and a pony who won’t cooperate.

I rode Niki today. I don’t have a picture for you but she’s a big pony or a little horse. She’s considered a beginner’s horse. That means anyone is supposed to be able to ride her. I would fall into that category, one would think, but today I proved to be outside that realm.

We started out okay but the first time I didn’t go where she wanted to, things started to turn ugly. By the time I had the bright idea to head uphill it was on. Or over. Depends on how you like to describe a battle of the wills. I really pushed her. I tried my technique (oh please I love you, don’t you love me, let’s go uphill together!) and then I tried her owner’s technique (BIG kick, let’s go and I mean it, Pony!) but neither one worked. Well, they did get her to move, only it was backwards. Luckily I’ve been through that move before so I know how to handle it: turn the horse around ass facing where you want to go. But apparently this horse had a little more brain power than Velvet and once turned around she automatically set herself back into drive and drove forward. Downhill. Not what I had in mind.

So I struggled and sweated and shook and grumbled. I didn’t enjoy the experience at all. When I did finally succeed in getting her up a few steps I knew I’d have to do it again and all I could think was that I wouldn’t want to. I didn’t want to fight a horse. It’s not what I’m looking for as a rider. I want to work in harmony with a horse. I want to enjoy the fresh air and wilderness trail. I’m pretty frustrated that after all this time of riding I am still having the experience I don’t want. The fight.

Buck would say this is a reflection of me. Darnit. Not what I want to hear. He said the horse is a reflection of your soul whether you like it or not. Shoot. That means there’s a lot more work to do. A LOT.

Good news, Buck will be here in February. I don’t have a horse anymore to bring with me to one of his clinics. That’s great news too because he doesn’t fix horses he fixes people. It isn’t the horses that need to be broke it’s the riders who are broken already. Plus the clinic for horses is all full. He can only handle so many horses at one time but people are welcome without reservations. I can’t wait.

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One Response to Buck

  1. rontuaru says:

    Don’t give up … it will get better! If you aren’t happy with the horse you’re being asked to ride can you try another? Sometimes it’s just not a good match. If you know you’re going to encounter resistance perhaps next time you can pick a better path? Set yourself (and mount) up for success! While I agree with Buck that horses can mirror their rider, it’s not always about you … something I’m learning to better understand myself. Horses have strengths and weaknesses too. If I’m just going for a pleasure ride I’ll usually try to avoid a battle by picking the path of least resistance and making it look like it was my idea in the first place!

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