I was thinking I should come to NYC for Elysian Fields’ next concert. I just looked it up. It was last weekend.
I have an amazing day today. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open last night no matter how hard I tried. I fell asleep at 8pm reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior and woke up at 4am. I’m perpetually on East Coast time. It’s a weird blip in my system that refuses to adjust to the West Coast no matter how many years I live here.
Anyway I woke up at 4, irritated to be up. I was mad at my dream. I’ve been trying to start my day with positive affirmations after Oprah pointed out how once she started noticing her first thoughts of the day as being so negative, she changed them around. So I started to think of my day. It’s got everything in it. I’m going to ride this morning, anywhere I want to, I’ve got hours to spend as I please. Then I’ll come home and bathe- a favorite ritual- then I get my guitar….Wow, I can’t believe it! I really feel like I have been waiting for this thing all my life.
It hit me last month that anything- ANYTHING- that I do in my life- even a moment- but especially an endeavor, or relationship, or trade- that I can do with body, mind and spirit – is bound to be perfect. Perfect in the way that I’m perfect- that is- whole. Perfect like the universe is perfect; the best it can be, that is. That’s probably the most clear way I can state perfection-the best it can be.
I think the guitar is an instrument just suited for such a purpose. It engages all three, completely. It will require all three, even better.
After the lovely guitar, which I won’t probably be able to play yet since I’ll be picking up the children straight away (I don’t get it until 2pm) I will be going out to dinner in Larchmont and a Sting concert. The kids and the dog will spend the night at my mother’s. I haven’t been to a Sting concert since he was at the Greek theater in 1996, I think. It was a special experience for me because I hadn’t realized how intimately I knew his voice until I saw him live. His voice is as close to me as a parent’s, or at least that’s what I thought that night. His music is the first that I remember. In kindergarten,  my  teacher’s helper was a very young woman who I loved. She used to listen to a Walkman and I’d ask her to let me listen to it. It was 1983 and Synchronicity had just come out and that’s what we listened to. We’d listen to it over and over and over until I knew all the words and she’d put the headphones on me and I’d sing to the other kids. I asked my mom to buy the album, which she did. We’d listen to it in the car on the way to school. Anyway, I guess that’s how his voice became so familiar to me in a way that’s different from other people. It was never directed towards me. It was never in person. It was never even in the spoken word. It was only in song. But somehow when I heard him live it felt like I knew him.
So, off to the horses.
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