Bullbeep and Bloodhounds

I find myself wanting to write down a lot of the funny things the kids say. Like today, I heard Asher acting out a scene from SIXTEEN CANDLES.

She said, “That’s beepshit-oops, I meant, that’s bullbeep.”

Nice try, honey.

That was after this morning. This morning she was so angry that she had to get up early to go to her Peacemaker meeting that she wrote in the fog on Robert’s car: PEACEMAKERS SUCK. I can only imagine what the passing drivers thought of Robert on his ride to work.

The kids were doing some other role-playing yesterday and I heard them saying that they had to start over because they made a mistake. So I told them about this guy at the Airborne Toxic Event concert last Sunday. The band was playing the introduction to a sweet and mellow song and it was very quiet when all of a sudden, out of the left corner of the audience, a guy screamed, “YYYYYYYYYYYEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!”

So the singer and the bassist stopped playing the song, we all laughed, and the singer said, “Thank you. I appreciate your enthusiasm,” or something like that, and we laughed some more. Then they picked the song back up where they had left it. It was no mistake, it was a highlighted moment of the evening. It represented a certain intimacy in the crowd. It highlighted the beauty of live music: the audience. It was the magic of the moment.

They didn’t say much about it at the time. I didn’t think they were very impressed with my story. They were more interested in getting their dialogue correct. Then today Orion was rip-sticking his way around the Rose Bowl screaming, “YEAAAHHHH!” and laughing. I heard him say to himself, “I’d really like to meet that guy. I’d say, ‘Guy, you were so great at that concert the other night.’ ”

God, these kids crack me up.

Bloodhound, anyone?

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