Rare Fruit

My current obsession is rare fruit. First I tried persimmons from my tree. Disaster. It nearly killed me. Apparently unripened persimmons turn into some kind of gluey paste that can’t be swallowed or digested. The result was a painful mass stuck in my throat and everywhere else the whole way down.

Then I bought quince. I tried it raw, it was awful, so I did some research and found out that you can’t eat quince raw. So I cooked it into a vegan tarte tatin. Incredible.

Then I bought a coconut. I learned how to get the water and the flesh out. The flesh is also quite inedible on its own. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet.

Then the hama melon. It’s sort of a cross between a watermelon and a cantaloupe. Divine.

Today it’s guava. I got it from the produce man at Whole Foods who brought them for me from his tree since the store isn’t stocking them. I ate a few of those raw and now they’re in the oven after being peeled, quartered, pureed and mixed into some kind of tea cake.

Without noticing I was looking for one, the conclusion I came to is that these fruits don’t make the popular list because you can’t just eat them like fast fruit. They all require some kind of preparation. I guess the populace isn’t into that right now.

At least not this one. I’m sure other cultures eat guavas like apples, crack coconuts on the daily, and quince..well quince has been around since the Greek gods so it can’t be totally irrelevant.

Except here.

So maybe next week I’ll try rare vegetables. There are a whole range of things I’ve never heard of at our local market. Maybe they aren’t rare at all either. They’re probably the basis of Chinese or Mexican or Armenian cuisine. To me, they’ll be a whole new learning experience.

Bon Appetit!


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