Yo Ho (An Actor’s Life for Me)

Upon waking this morning I was struck by how similar the job description for an actor is to that of a pirate. For those of you unfamiliar to the life of an actor, you may be able to relate to that of a pirate.

1. What may be deemed as otherwise lewd and/or inappropriate behavior is often required on the job.
2. Cursing is not considered unprofessional.
3. Clean clothes, clean shaven or clean tests are also not required.
4. Typically a freelance position with various and temporary allegiance to others that change without notice.
5. They both chase a hidden treasure that promises fame and fortune.
6. Damsels in distress, sharks in the water and a perpetual state of flux all commonplace amongst peers.
7.  Singing often accompanies the journey.
8. Lots of travel.
9. Costumes a plus.
10. Drinking problem a plus.
11. Socially not a highly respected position. Unless you find the treasure. And share it with others.
12. Immediate access to the most inhumane of human emotions required for various ritual and/or storytelling displays.
13. Speaking of which, storytelling, both fictional and otherwise, is largely responsible for job security.
14. Willingness to jump onboard a ship without a destination and pay the passage at any cost a must.
15. Faith a must. But not necessarily in God.


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