Ahh sleep, I miss you. Last night the baby came in twice, then the cat started meowing at 4 am. I didn’t realize he was meowing because Asher’s door was closed and he needed the litter box. So he diarrheaed all over me and the bed. I don’t know how he managed it but every pillow, blanket, duvet and sheet was hit. Even the folded quilt was mutilated. It was truly horrific.

Now it’s a couple of hours and laundry loads later and I haven’t dealt with the worst of it yet. I’m exhausted and it’s really only a few hours I missed.

Last night I read about the value of emptiness. I’m certain this is a powerful message for me. Sleep must be an example of one of the most important emptinesses we can think of. Without it we’d die. With it we heal, rejuvenate, renew and revive. After all the myriad of things I have to/want to do I think I’m going to look for some emptiness and welcome it with open arms. It’s time.

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