Art and Yogurt

I had a food breakdown today. I had no problem moderating the oysters, gelato, ravioli, pizza, risotto and cannolis. It was the yogurt that got me today. I managed to consume 500g of fresh and local yogurt. I think I overdid it.

We visited Borgo today. It’s the village Stefania lives in. It’s filled with abandoned palaces from hundreds of years ago. They sit along a small river, built of stone, unchanged. There is a vivid romance to the narrow winding cobblestones and the colored plaster walls. The buildings once bustling with wealthy citizens and merchants are in various states of disrepair. It appears that an attempt to restore and reuse the area began not long ago but was abruptly abandoned. Various construction materials and machines have also been abandoned in the courtyards and walls of the houses. We pushed doors open and walked through medieval rockways to find permits dated 2008 and filthy walls of scaffolding. It appears that human history is forever happening. It looked like opportunity to me. But what do I know?

After a cappuccino we visited Arte Sella. It’s hidden in the mountains, high above the valley and up a narrow road. It’s an outdoor museum, world renowned for its contemporary sculpture. The artists who’ve contributed to the exhibit use natural materials and create living art in the forest. We wandered around for several hours examining the limestone and branches woven and bent into human forms. The forest is very alive and full of noises and I had the same feeling I had in the castles. It’s nature that prevails over all of our creations. It’s the wind you can’t ignore, the air, the land. All these objects we build- from nests to palaces- only remind us how insignificant we really are.

So knowing that, I suppose even 1 kg of fresh and local yogurt makes little difference in the larger scheme of things. But still, moderation would’ve been nice.

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