Rainy Rose Bowl

It rained today, but not a lot. I hope it will help the seeds in my garden to grow into strong healthy plants. I’ve never planted seeds before, and I probably didn’t do it right. But so far, little green sprouts are coming out in rows. A lot of them look like weeds so I don’t know if they are real vegetable seedlings or not. Maybe they’re just like cygnets, they look ordinary as babies but they’ll mature into swans.

The rain didn’t fall until after I walked around the Rose Bowl with my friend Rebecca. It’s been years since I’ve seen her and I noticed that we walked at a snail’s pace. It was the nicest way to do it. You don’t realize how wonderful a walk to nowhere, that is, a walk with the same beginning and end, void of any new landscape, at a quiet pace, can still be the walk to remember. I think it’s love that makes it so. I wonder if my life would be enriched if I’d look at it that way. Maybe my life doesn’t need Paris, or Tokyo or Park Avenue, maybe my life is a walk on the asphalt, with the same beginning and end, at a quiet pace, and the only thing that makes it sensational is who is walking with me. The laughter, the tears, the talk, the brush of an arm, the sharing, the giving, the questions, the interruptions, the breeze, the sun and the rain, maybe that’s what it’s all about.

Orion is reading a book about secrets. He says that all the characters in the book fight and kill each other as they’re all grasping to discover the secret to eternal life. In the end the survivors find the answer. It’s death. What a shame that is. I hope that if life is a walk around the Rose Bowl before, after and during the rain, I am able to discover its secret while I’m still around to enjoy it. It reminds me of Gloria, my new senior friend. At Zumba tonight I was rockin’ out to the music. She said you got to shake it while you can and I realized that she couldn’t anymore. That sure didn’t stop her from trying.

All we need is love love, love is all you need…

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