Ultimate Cool…

Shhh…this post is a secret. No one is supposed to know what transpired in my car today. But I have to write it down anyway.

“Who are the coolest adults you know?” I asked the kids.

Immediately they both said Sean. It was unanimous.

Before I tell you why, I have to say I was pretty shocked. This wasn’t what I expected. I don’t think even Sean would expect it.

“He’s the most kid-like, he’s funny, he plays games and he recommends the best books. He likes Batman and cartoons and fun piggy back rides. He’s the coolest!” they agreed (a small miracle!)

But then Orion had someone else to talk about.

“There is one other person who sweeps everyone else off the table,” he said.

“Go on…,” I answered.

“Grandma. She plays tag and she takes me on walks. She is so cool that I go into overdrive goodness when I’m around her. It’s like chewing gum-everything in your body tells you not to swallow. When I’m with Grandma, all my senses tell me to be good.”

It’s nice to know that cool isn’t what it used to be.

Now remember, mums the word…!

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