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Rainy Rose Bowl

It rained today, but not a lot. I hope it will help the seeds in my garden to grow into strong healthy plants. I’ve never planted seeds before, and I probably didn’t do it right. But so far, little green … Continue reading

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More Kid Moments

Kid’s question: Mom, have you ever seen a picture of a thought? Next, Dallas Raines visited Orion’s school. He’s never noticed him before but today when he came on the news, Orion jumped up and literally gave him a standing … Continue reading

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A Pug’s Wife

Asher got a book about dog breeds. My favorite quote of hers today: This Pekingese looks like a Pug’s wife!

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I hardly sleep alone anymore

It’s hard to say how much life, exactly, is in this room each night. There are a few souls here who’s presence I’d definitely miss if they were to choose alternate sleeping quarters. First, there’s my little brown and white, … Continue reading

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Ultimate Cool…

Shhh…this post is a secret. No one is supposed to know what transpired in my car today. But I have to write it down anyway. “Who are the coolest adults you know?” I asked the kids. Immediately they both said … Continue reading

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My initial thought when I looked at my newborn son for the first time was that he didn’t know anything about this world. I was responsible for teaching him everything. He was like a blank canvas and I needed to … Continue reading

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Suze Rotolo

Suze Rotolo died over the weekend. I was surprised to hear that today. She was only 67. The articles and blogs I read about her all described her as Bob Dylan’s girlfriend. She was Bob Dylan’s girlfriend, not his wife, … Continue reading

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