Learning about Butter

Today’s prompt: Share one thing that I learned lately.

Oh boy. One thing I learned lately? I learned that even when I figure out what I’m doing that has a negative impact on my life, I still do it. How frustrating is that? It appears that admitting you have a problem truly is the first step, first being the operative word. There are a lot more steps required to turn a ship around. When I figure out what they are I’ll let you know.

I used to think sheer determination could drive nearly any goal I could set for myself. Not so. I simply don’t have the power I once thought I did. Or maybe I do, but I don’t remember how to harness it anymore. Or maybe I never did. Does this sound like an undetermined individual trying in vain to spread wisdom?

Maybe I should back up a bit. Or back up a lot. Maybe I should back up to the beginning and answer the question all over again. One thing I learned recently was how to outline a story. I’ve also learned how to Zumba, sit properly on my horse, and how to plant a vegetable garden. I’m not sure if the story I dream of writing will ever be written (or read), if Zumba will do anything to tone my body, if I’ll be a better rider, or if the vegetables will grow from the seeds I planted. I’m still going for it anyway. Who knows, maybe some of that determination will kick in and drive this woman forward after all!

P.S. My husband called me in the afternoon (it’s Valentine’s Day today).  I immediately felt, and said, “You really do love me, don’t you?”
“Why do you say that?” he asked.
“Because you’re calling me in the afternoon. Why else would you call?”
“Oh, I just wanted to hear how your pony is.”
“See, you love me…”
“Hey, you don’t have anything going on tomorrow, right?”
“No, why?” I asked.
“Oh, cause I have a dinner to go to at Sakura…”
“You don’t love me,” I said, “You’re just buttering me up with the phone call and the pony so you can go out tomorrow night!”
And that’s when he said, “Did it work?”


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