I went for a huge ride today. I’d managed to miss riding almost the whole week and I needed to go big. Velvet was wild in the beginning. She had so much pent-up energy I saw her do things I’d never seen her do before- like pawing the ground. She was snorting and shaking her head while I was taking my time tacking her up. All this non-verbal communication reminded me of my own body language. I’m so heavily reliant on words I hardly recognize what I say without them most days. It’s only when I’m caught in a situation where words could be misunderstood, unacceptable, or too heavy that I’m back to basics.

I have been reading a book about horses that teaches people to be like a horse instead of being a person who trains a horse. It focuses on mimicry and using your own motions and body movements to teach a horse how to do what you want it to, like stop or turn or lie down. I feel very silly trotting around the arena but it seems like a worthy endeavor. I’m certain she doesn’t speak english, so why shouldn’t I try speaking horse?

It’s kind of like playing Charades. Have you tried that lately? It’s so frustrating to have to explain anything without words but that frustration will lead you to do things with your body that you probably haven’t done in long time- or ever. It’s an eye-opening experience.

I have a friend that is very hard to talk to. Sometimes I think we’d be better off watching a movie or doing something where we couldn’t talk so we wouldn’t end up having so many awkward pauses. Then again, there’s a good side to those challenging conversations. They teach me something. They teach me to think before speaking. They teach me to slow down and listen- just like Velvet does. So for all of you who aren’t heavy into horses like I’ve become, how about a night of silence? I bet there will still be a whole lot of feelings shared between you and your someone.. or maybe even a little music?

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One Response to Charades

  1. Alisa says:

    powerful. I like it. I do think we sometimes are in too much of a rush to fill the silence instead of just being with it, awkward or not. Often times we are moving so fast, we don’t even have time to think. Funny, I just had a social experience with several lulls in the conversation….next time I’ll remember to just let them be and not be so anxious searching my brain for something to talk about!

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