Holy crap I feel like such a loser. I’m having one of those days (weeks, months) when I feel like everything I try fails. Of course that can’t possibly be true but it still feels like it is. The cookies I baked came out ok and the laundry didn’t fade. But the really tough stuff- the writing, the projects, the relationships and endeavors, those all seemed to hit the dirt face-first this week.

How do I turn this bad luck into something positive?

I guess I’ll just have to keep going. Eventually something has got to work out, doesn’t it? Well, maybe not. But if I don’t try it certainly won’t. So, I guess it’s worth a shot. Or two, or three or more…

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One Response to Loser

  1. Suzanne Commons says:

    Yes, go girl,go! Things are often not the way they appear! Things can go underground, in some kind of gestation and the form is deceiving until things become clear. And the wheel will keep turning. What matters is attitude, trust and faith and the rondeau patient. Things do work out in the end for our growth and good. Perhaps this is the time to take a rest of some kind, a stepping back to regroupnthe inner troops. This stands in contrast with my first statement, but not so. There is an active way to rest and a ‘giving up’ kind of a way.
    All will be alright, alright, alright….Love. Mom

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