Kiwis from Mars

I’ve never been interested in writing my own food blog. In fact, I recently poo-pooed the idea when it was mentioned to me. Then I realized, I probably look at more blogs about food than any other subject. It’s not because I’m looking for them, it’s just because I’ve got questions about food and blogs have the answers. Like today, I wanted to know if I should salt the water before I cook the chard, if it was faster to boil beets instead of roasting them and finally, what is the easiest shortbread recipe?

The answers to all those and more questions can be found on food blogs. So, in honor of learning yet another recurring lesson in my life- that I need to be careful what I’m against in case it turns out to be my next favorite (watch out iPhone) -here is my first food post of the year:

When I was a kid, my mom tried to give my friends and I some kiwi. We weren’t too excited about the idea of eating a fuzzy brown fruit that was green, slimy and covered in black seeds. So she told us they came from Mars.

I saw this thing in the supermarket today. I bought one and showed it to the kids when I picked them up from school.

“Isn’t it amazing that nature made this?” I asked them.
“Isn’t it amazing that nature made me?” my son answered.
“Spiderman’s hand!” Elkin yelled when she touched it.
“It’s for dessert,” I told her.
“That’s disgusting!” she protested. “Don’t eat Spiderman!”

So I told them it wasn’t Spiderman’s hand, it’s Dragon Fruit. Anyone want to try it?

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