Cavalia. Nothing I have ever heard or seen of a Cirque production could’ve prepared me for Cavalia’s opening night in Burbank yesterday. I had a really hard time believing that any show was worth the extraordinary admission prices, but Lane convinced me that Cavalia was worth it no matter what the cost. She was right.

The show was magnificent. I’m not going to describe the different acts and acrobatics of the night because I’m hoping you will treat yourself to that. What I will tell you is what the show felt like. It felt like someone thought it would be a great idea to find the most beautiful- and ordinary- horses from all over the world and share some of their most amazing- and natural- capabilities. If you were to do that with living music, beautiful costumes and truly passionate people, you’d have Cavalia. The joy with which these people performed was intoxicating. The freedom and fun the horses are having is magical. Finally, the respect that is shown on the stage is inspiring. There is a respect for one another, for life, for living, for experimenting, for discipline, for risk and reward, for failure, for beauty, for fear and danger and possibility. The whole experience was almost overwhelming. For me, it wasn’t just an evening of entertainment and pageantry, it was as if someone were to visually and audibly describe the miracle I have felt being in the presence of horses. It feels like flying, it feels like magic, it feels like downright crazy fun and most of all it feels divine.

I encourage anyone to do whatever it takes to scrape together the many many pennies necessary to be a part of this spectacular achievement. Buying a ticket to Cavalia is a strong and clear message that we support the artists, athletes, acrobats and musicians who dedicate their lives to sharing their passion with us. They are simply amazing. What a gift!


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