Cherry on Top

Today isn’t a bad time to focus on the little things in life that bring a lot of pleasure. A clean bed ranks high on that list for me, especially if it’s outfitted in the most luxurious bedclothes possible, several down comforters, and piles of pillows. My children watching the same cartoons I watched and loved as a child, a sweet dog curled up beside me, and perfect weather are all small pleasures that brought me great joy today.

I’d say taking time to be thankful that I was blessed with all these things and more today is simply put, the cherry on top.

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One Response to Cherry on Top

  1. Alisa says:

    Hey Girl, love the blog, love the sentiment of the cherry on top. So true, when you have your health and peace in the home, then all this other good stuff if the cherry on top. Very cool that you appreciate it so! We’re thankful for sleepovers with good friends like you! 🙂

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