Topic: Talk

I have been over-talking, over-texting and over-using alternate forms of communication since I can remember. I love to communicate. That’s what life is all about if you ask me. It’s what makes being human so profound. Not only do we have an intellectual and creative spirit, but we have the ability to communicate those ideas. Lately, my favorite form of communication is non-verbal. I think that’s what attracts me to my horse. We don’t speak. We interact. Words can get so complicated. I spend hours agonizing over emails. Then I spend minutes reading the emails in my inbox. If they leave a bad feeling I re-read them. Endlessly. The bad feelings get worse. Come to find out that I had it all wrong. I misunderstood. It happens all the time.

Talking is the most imperfect form of communication. Imagine all the different synapses that have to go off to make it happen. It’s too much, too fast. There’s the grammar, the vocabulary, the content and the emotion behind it. It’s one big improvisation with many degrees of uncertainty. I enjoy it, as a performance, but I find it to be rather unpredictable and absolutely unreliable.

Right now I’m involved in several collaborative projects that rely directing and solely on effective communication. As much as everyone chiming in adds confusion and chaos to the conversation, it surely beats silence hands down on any day, if you ask me. Silence is absence, but throw in a foot-stomping, email dropping, phone ringing, texting deluge and I’m in heaven.


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