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Princess Curls

I don’t remember where I read or who told me that women should share the result but never the strategy. I was clearly reminded of this today when I tried implementing a new beauty ritual. It came to me from … Continue reading

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Cavalia. Nothing I have ever heard or seen of a Cirque production could’ve prepared me for Cavalia’s opening night in Burbank yesterday. I had a really hard time believing that any show was worth the extraordinary admission prices, but Lane … Continue reading

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Cherry on Top

Today isn’t a bad time to focus on the little things in life that bring a lot of pleasure. A clean bed ranks high on that list for me, especially if it’s outfitted in the most luxurious bedclothes possible, several … Continue reading

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Topic: Looking Forward

Can you believe I’ve already failed on the post-a-day challenge? It isn’t because I haven’t been writing, either, it’s because I’ve been working on other writing. I’ve actually been writing more lately and more consistently than ever before in my … Continue reading

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Mountains of Change

I had a chance to ride again today. Velvet and I went alone up Brown Mountain. There were a lot of people there despite the fact that the forest is still officially closed. For some reason I was particularly amazed … Continue reading

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Horses, Playgrounds and TV Time

I went riding today. Velvet was great. By that I mean she was relaxed most of the time. I made a silent agreement with her when we first set off that it might take six months for her to get … Continue reading

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Encore Lebanese

So this lady today was telling me about her Lebanese mother-in-law. She lives with them. She’s got a five month-old daughter, her husband, and her mother-in-law living with her. No matter what she does the mother-in-law gets in the way. … Continue reading

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