My Favorite Things: 2010

Oprah does her Favorite Things show which I see as blatant product placement/advertising but just because we all love Oprah let’s pretend that all those things really are her favorites.. Based on my own personal experience, it is possible to believe that people can have that many favorites. I remember when I was a little girl I loved to ask people what their favorites were. This really bugged my brother because, according to him, I never had a favorite. I had favorites. I had some favorite-favorites even, but not one favorite. Again, according to him, none of those are favorites. There can only be one favorite. I thought he was wrong about that and I still do. There are favorites and least favorites. That’s more than one right there. And now…drumroll please, on this night before the last night of the year, here are some of my favorites of 2010, in no particular order and skipping many emotionally rewarding moments because, after all, this blog has no obligation to be morally, politically or factually correct, so, anyway, here goes:

1. Netflix INSTANT play movies: Holy- that’s the only word I can use to describe this PHENOMENAL burst forward in technology. For $10 a month if someone says, “You should see ^*&*^*,” I can. Instantly!

2. Cafe Lattes: Ok, this may be more appropriate as a 1990 favorite thing but I’d managed to avoid these until this year and now I can’t skip it, what a wonderful wonderful little beverage.

3. Minnetonka Moccassins: The softest, most comfortable, easy to wear and cheap little accessory. Not one woman on the planet should go without these tried-and-true fashion necessities. I see all kinds of women sporting these little slip-ons in all kinds of attire. I don’t know how they can work so equally well on a 6-ft blond dressed for a real job and mini-me dressed for mommyhood.

4. BLOGGING. How did I not do this for YEARS!! While I was sending what amounted to blogs as emails which was forcing individuals to digest my life, I could’ve been publicly reporting as a blog. Well, this year, those sweet and patient friends are off the hook. I’ve found wordpress.

5. Autonomy. Again, this could be a 1965 favorite, but it’s only occurred to me now. It takes 3 kids, a horse, 2 dogs, a cat, a house and a husband to finally make autonomy sound like a good thing to me.

6. HORSES. Yes, the mere mention of a horse reminds me of one of my all time favorite-favorites of 2010- having my own horse!! I suggest it for every equine loving individual out there. Regardless of age, color, wealth or marital status, there’s a horse out there for anyone with the passion to experience one of life’s most miraculous relationships between the human and animal world.

7. Experience. Again, this might have been something I could write about in 1995 or actually in any year, really, but this year it has become mighty clear to me that if given the opportunity to experience something, anything, I say do it! Jump into life and enjoy every new and different place and person you run into. Forget laying in bed, you can do that when you’re dead. For now, live!

8. Music. Anyone discover the musical talent of an individual who is not celebrity/wealth/rock star status? If you haven’t yet, find one! They’re around, tell them to bring their guitar to your next holiday dinner and prepare yourself for a new and forever favorite thing.

9. Good old friends. 2010 brought me some of the deepest most delightful and encouraging friendships of my life. The funny thing is, most of them have been around forever. Ignored, maybe, but around. I buried several hatchets and reached out to people I hadn’t spoken with in years. Literally. The best people in my life this year have been in my life for years and some for decades but I didn’t have the focus I had before to truly appreciate how they enrich my life more than..anything. AND, remember everyone, no one lives forever. If they’re here today, give thanks.

10. An open mind. Ok, here’s another one I have a hard time admitting to. My husband and I have been married for almost 13 years and he’s been dying for this to make it to any list of mine, let alone a favorite list, and I think this was the year. Hey, if you back me up against the wall there’s really no other choice but to start thinking about alternative possibilities: ie an open mind.

I really only wanted to write a top 10 favorites, but in honor of my brother who’s bugged by my more-than-one favorite, I’ll keep going.

11. Dogs make for a favorite, too. I like both of mine.

12. Chicken stew. If you haven’t tried this simple and succulent winter dish, you must.

13. Now I’m on food and I have to say a favorite favorite favorite is James’ Simpkins SUNRISE. Holy. Again, HOLY. A holy holy holy holy invention that all of mankind should be so lucky to experience, at the table, with the chef, sipping bubbly water and discussing Thoreau. A definite favorite. Best meal of the year.

14. No favorite list of 2010 could even start without the mention of one of America’s greatest cities: Portland, Maine. How could I have gone so many years without making this life-altering discovery? I don’t know. But let me tell you that if you haven’t strolled the streets of Portland, lobster roll in hand, sea breeze in your hair, and Mainer by your side, you are simply not living…..

15. Getting all dressed up. Never never never in my life has getting all dressed up been more fun than in 2010. Sure, you do it for prom night, or the wedding, or church, but try getting all dressed up for a Hollywood premiere like I got to do this year. Major highlight. Major favorite.

16. Zumba. Anyone tried this? I’m as uncoordinated as they come and I’d definitely say that Zumba is a favorite for exercise. Very fun, very silly, very cardio, all good.

I should’ve stopped at 10. Now that I haven’t, the list could go on forever.

17. New ideas. Got an idea? Need one? How about talking it over with people you respect. I am amazed this year by how brilliant everyone is. Ask around and you’ll see! There are loads of ideas just bursting out of people if you take the time to ask for advice, bounce around a conundrum or share your dreams.

18. Sodastream. I should’ve bought this thing years ago. Unlimited bubbly water, no heavy bottles to drag in the house or clog up landfills. Not economical until you’ve owned the thing for a long time but who says economy is only about money? How about quality of life and the planet? I love it.

19. Super King. Super supermarket. No one else thinks so but I love it. This place makes grocery shopping like traveling- or at least like going to the airport- you get people from all over the world in one place, it’s a constant madhouse and you have to fight your way through the crowd with a lot more stuff than you usually have only to find yourself waiting in a long line. Love it.

20. Quiet. OH wow I cannot say enough about how much I love quiet. 2010 definitely taught me that I do not like to live near freeways, high school football games, fighting neighbors, busy streets or any other noise inducing nonsense. I like a quiet place, nestled under a lot of full grown trees that smells good, looks good and reminds me of nature while giving me shelter from it. I like to be surrounded by old things and new things and natural things with the age and comfort of lifetimes. I like good spirits and good energy and good, silent quiet.

Happy 2011!

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2 Responses to My Favorite Things: 2010

  1. Eugene Topalian says:

    Love this end of the year blog! Makes my heart sing. Without forgetting that you, and all that are part of you are my numerous favorites too!Mom

  2. Sheila says:

    oh man, I love this post!

    Not sure which of your favorites I love the most. #20, maybe?

    Need to know more about #15 and #18.

    Happy New Year Tiprin!

    And I’m totally with you on #1…we’re streaming it through xbox — love it. (not the xbox (blah) but the streaming rocks.

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