Letter to My Reader

I’m walking through the pouring rain. I notice that the children have left the light on in the studio. I open the door to turn off the light and decide not to step in out of the rain. I don’t want to get wet footprints on the floor. While standing in the rain I reach my hand in the room to flip the switch. The switch plate is missing and I miss the switch. Instead of turning out the studio light I turn out my own light as a bolt of electricity shoots through my body. At first I don’t realize what has just happened. For a fraction of a second I was turned off. I’m back on now. Back on, but different. Changed.

I picture myself laying out in the rain. I wonder how long I would have laid there before someone would have come out to look for me. I picture my husband finding me there and not knowing what has happened. I picture his life without me.

I head out to Curves. There I meet a woman who’s been married for 28 years. “Feels like 28 days..” she says like a schoolgirl.

“Really? What’s your secret?” I ask.

She smiles. She comes closer. She recites a list of one word sentences. Caring. Love. Compassion. It’s not long before the verbal brainstorm leads to phrases, then sentences, and finally paragraphs followed by her full life story.

I won’t write it here but I’ll tell you the moral. Every moment counts. Every moment of free and breathing love counts. Being in a time, place and situation where we are allowed to believe what we want, hold who we want, live how we want…that is exceptional.

Today, I kept the fire going all day in the fireplace. I sat in front of it with the children and when they asked, “What are we doing?” I answered, “We’re watching the fire.”



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