del Toro

Well, I got stood up at IHOP. It’s a shame, really, that it happened, but it did. I guess if I’m going to get stood up, it’s better that it was my dad who did it. He didn’t mean to hurt me, anyway, he just forgot. The worst part about the whole experience was that the kids and I still had to eat there. I’d already ordered by the time I realized he wasn’t going to come and I couldn’t figure out any polite way to get out of it.

So I spent my time at IHOP dreaming. I have a dream of working with Guillermo del Toro. Call me crazy, but the blood and guts and bugs don’t bother me. It’s the storytelling that draws me in. He’s a crazy genius, if you ask me, and I can recognize it from a mile away. That kind of creative intelligence pulls me in like a tractor beam.

I couldn’t remember what that word was. Thanks to John Williams, all I had to do was sing the Darth Vader tune and Robert knew what I was looking for. This is particularly interesting because no amount of words seemed to get the point across. I tried describing the space ship sucking me in but he just laughed in confusion. Alternatively,  a few bars of a movie soundtrack drew “tractor beam” from his vocabulary in an instant.

So anyway, I have this dream about working with del Toro. I think his next project is Frankenstein. I don’t know if there’d be a part in there for me, but maybe there is. Or maybe he’s got some other films in the works. Or maybe I’m just nuts. Maybe I should’ve just spent my time at IHOP eating pancakes instead of thinking of working with foreign film directors.

Speaking of pancakes, I’m also working on a short story. I’ve already written it and now I’m just trying to clean it up. It’s very del Torian. I think he’d like it. In fact, the whole world is del Torian if you look at it that way. For example, here I am, writing in the dark so I don’t wake up the baby and I thought I heard a coyote howling. I was instantly transported into some hell-ridden world until Robert said it’s not a coyote, it’s an AA meeting in the park. I don’t believe him. They always close the park at night. Or maybe that’s worse than a coyote anyway. I don’t know.

Aside from dreaming of Del Toro, I met with my managers today, I went to Curves, I finished all the Christmas shopping and paid some bills. I took care of Velvet and the children and I got stood up at IHOP. I made two dozen crepes for my daughter’s Christmas party, I worked on my short story, I listened and sang to music, and I did three loads of laundry, including changing the sheets. I thought I saw Doug Jones at the gas station, he’s the one who’s going to play Frankenstein, but I’m sure it couldn’t have been him. I wasn’t paid a dime for any of it so I’m fairly certain it wouldn’t be considered productive by most people. But anyway that was the day, and it was mine, and I’d rather spend it inspired by Guillermo del Toro than practically anything else.

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