Dinner with Dad – Cindy’s Colorado

Cindy’s has been around since before I was born. They haven’t redecorated since it’s opening either. Tonight it was Asher’s turn to pick and Cindy’s is her favorite. My dad came in on time but later than us. He yelled as he was walking in loudly enough to scare the baby, the waitress, the cook, and  another patron. It’s no problem though, as far as I’m concerned, he’s demonstrating to the children what they sound like when I’m asking them to turn the volume down.

He walked in pulling up his pants. That is his trademark. If SNL was to do an impression of him, I’m sure the actor would only need to pull his pants up a few times for anyone who knows my dad to guess who he was playing. They could also leave one pant leg creased up over the calf like he shoved it up there when he was tying his shoes and it just stayed that way. That leads me to another thing, the shoes. He doesn’t wear any. He usually just wears terry cloth slippers. These days they are bright blue with a Cowboy logo. I think he’s making a political statement by wearing them. He likes to think he’s walking all over the Texan team.

Anyway, it’s pretty nice to have dinner with my dad. He’s very friendly, he likes the children, and he can certainly relate to them. He’s not worried about my two year old pouring too much syrup on her pancakes or how loud the kids are. No one can match his syrup intake or his decibel level so we’re ok. Besides, he genuinely cares about me. I can tell by the way he asks about my horse. He also likes to tell jokes. Here’s the one he told me tonight:

What’s the difference between a young woman and an old one?


Robert didn’t think it was funny.

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