Testing, according to the Cambridge dictionary is: an act of using something to find out whether it is working correctly or how effective it is. So my husband and I just decided to take a dating quiz. It’s supposed to be questions you ask one another on your first date. It determines compatibility. Before even looking over the questions we both knew we were going to bomb this test since we’re obviously so incompatible but I guess it’s kind of like a car wreck, we just wanted to see exactly how we would go down in flames.

So we took the quiz.

The first question is: What’s your favorite scene from a book or movie?

Robert had to answer first. So he said, “When Rocky screams, ‘Adrian!'”

I think that’s kind of weird because my favorite scene is from Forbidden Games (an old French movie) when the little boy yells after the little girl, “Paulette!”

Hmm. Strange.

Ok, that was just a fluke. Let’s do the next question. It is: What do you love about your job?

He says, “Freedom.”

Wait a minute. That’s weird again. That’s what I love about my job. I’m free to do whatever I want with all different people in all different places.

Ok, he says, this time you have to answer first. You’re just copying me.

Fine. Next question: What’s your definition of a relationship?

WAIT. Before you answer, he says, I think I’m going to write mine down so there’s no question about cheating.

I wait. I answer. “Oh, you know, I guess a monogamous relationship is where two people are working together with common goals and values.”

“Goals and values! That’s what I’ve always said marriage is about.”

Wow. Where are the burning flames? Two more tries to blow this thing up.

Question 4: If money were no object, what would you do with your life?

This is such a fun question everyone should talk about it. Forget the compatibility testing, this is just a great topic of conversation.

So Robert was too excited to go second. He spoke out. He wanted to play and live in different climate zones. I didn’t hesitate to answer either. I wanted to use my unlimited funds to create projects with everyone I know and don’t yet know that has magic ready just waiting for cash to produce. And I want horse property. With horses. Several of them.

We both liked each others answers.

Ok fine, last question, it looks like this drive won’t even involve a fender bender.

Will you share an embarrassing moment with me?

Well, we both shared, but for our own pride’s sake, I won’t share the details with you. However, I can say that neither of us was embarrassed for the other. That is to say, we didn’t feel that the other’s embarrassing moment was embarrassing at all. “I guess embarrassment is just a state of mind,” he said.

I agreed.

I guess we passed. On the first try. Which is more than I can say I did on my driving test.

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One Response to Testing

  1. Eugene Topalian says:

    It just shows that our tiny circle thinks it has the answers, while the universe
    Knows better, and if we are in this wider circle that includes the other (person or thing) something bigger than ourselves takes place, and it is meant to be, in fact, it is our ultimate purpose, which is one with the universe, sometimes it looks desperate and too much to handle, and it’s a fine line between sticking it out or jump off the line, yet that disinterested voice knows…

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