Black Friday

I didn’t want Robert to go without turkey leftovers, so I roasted one for him today while he’s out working Black Friday. It’s a strange feeling to roast a turkey the day after Thanksgiving. It’s like eating pumpkin pie the day before.

There are four children in the house today. There are four children, two dogs and a cat. You could hardly consider that I’m here alone. Elkin is busy playing with the pink play dough I made for her earlier. She doesn’t want any help. The other three are riding bikes and busy on the computer and with their games. The dogs are asleep. So is the cat. The turkey crackles at me once in awhile but it’s not really conversating. I’m sure it sounds strange to say that it’s a bit lonely here the day after Thanksgiving, but it is.

So I’ve been sharing music with a friend of mine half a world away, thanks to the internet. I wonder about a world we live in where we can roast turkeys the day after Thanksgiving and be estranged from the people in the room but share music with others miles away.

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One Response to Black Friday

  1. eugene topalian says:

    when mercedes rule, i hope i got her name correctly, got her oscar for best supporting actress, she made a speech that i liked and still remember, partly, in it she said, i’m paraphrasing, my struggles of the past have become my memoirs, so the turkey that crackles reminding you of your isolation and sending you on a quest that starts with wonder and lots of question marks and creates an unseen connection, apart the one with music and a long distance friend, this connection of another dimension not because he’s greater than any other human being, he is humble and agrees that he doesn’t know much or at least not for certain, yet admitting that he doesn’t know, puts him on the right track, if you haven’t guessed by now, we’re talking about our old friend, socrates, pouf, you say, and i say, thank you for your patience, and may the crackling resumes on sunday with some french bread along with the coffee percolating, what better music to wonder and reach…beyond the kitchen, ho ho ho…

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