It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I wanted to mention that Unstoppable is fantastic and I highly recommend seeing it in the theaters. I know this movie looks like a typical action picture but anyone who’s devoted any time at all to film history will immediately recognize it as a western. It’s got lots of the great western genre moments, but it takes place in the urban east instead of the rural west. Also, anyone interested in theater should definitely check out Elephant Theater Co.’s production of Little Flower of East Orange. I always love Guirgis’ plays for his true-to-life characters and the emotional drama that comes without an overcomplicated plot. It’s great to have one of his works on stage in Los Angeles.

Pacific Design Center hosted GFKAS last night during their Art Loves Design reception. I believe they hold one every month and it is worth a visit. Besides being a a beautiful piece of architecture, both inside and out, there seemed to be a good show of art and people during the reception. The parking is a little tough, but once you find a spot there are plenty of restaurants and other galleries you can walk to from there.

Danielle, one of the newest members of the project, did most of the installation. She had a huge space to work with and I thought she did a beautiful job. I took a few photos on my cell phone but they didn’t come out well. Here’s a peek:

I met a few people at the show. I spent more time talking about the project than I did learning about the visitors. The ones who did talk to me tended to be artists themselves. There was a painter with a show at Off-Ramp next month and a friend of Andrea’s who didn’t tell me her name. There was a french architect, Herve, and an American photographer named Harley. The crowd was definitely different than in Portland. As universal as the human experience is, I’m always surprised by the marked differences in people based on geography alone. For one thing, they didn’t interact as much with the products or with us. Sure, a few people tried some scarves and tops on, but it wasn’t nearly as hands-on as it was in Maine. A surprising number of people said they couldn’t really see the details of the work without their glasses. Apparently, they didn’t bring their glasses to an art show.
There weren’t a whole lot of purchases made last night either. I’m not sure if it’s the economy or the venues but I’d probably have better luck selling headbands than hand crocheted tops through GFKAS.
Tonight I made an exceptional chicken stew. I’ve never made it before but it truly is outstanding. It’s made with humble ingredients and I cooked it “slow and low” as my mother likes to say. You’d never guess that food so simple could be so divine. Besides its simplicity, it’s really only that good when it’s fed to people you really love.
I have a lot of phone calls and emails out to people right now. I’m waiting to hear back. I’m in a state of perpetual waiting, dependent on an exchange of ideas and thought. As quiet as this suburban home is, community has to be sought out, organized and prioritized. There are few chance meetings and encounters here. I know Thoreau found it enlightening to isolate in the forest, but I think even his philosophies were enhanced if not entirely developed by his visits with neighbors and passers-by. In my opinion, time and technology haven’t replaced good old-fashioned social interaction. So get to a theater and experience a new movie with an audience of strangers or participate in a stage production by attending one. Or see an art show. Whatever it is, enjoy your weekend…
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