Back to Hollywood

I met Buzz Bingo today. He’s Bill Johnson’s new horse who will now live in the corral right next to Velvet. He’s a beautiful gelding who’s got an incredible temperament. Someone has invested a lot of patience and experience into that horse. He’s only four years old and he looks like the Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s built like a bull but quiet as a mouse.

I went back to Hollywood today. That’s the fourth time in two weeks. I remember when we moved to this house I lamented that it was too far from Hollywood. It was too far from downtown, too. At the time I admitted how silly that seemed, worrying about living far from my past, but now I know why I was so concerned about it. It’s pretty important to be close to your past so you can take what you want of it into your future. So now I have to drive a little further but it doesn’t matter. It’s not silly anymore. I’ve reconnected and I’m excited to do so.


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