Global Pancake Passion

Weekly IHOP update: Thailand, Philippines, India and Israel.

How does something as positive as passion turn into something as negative as obsession?The former can turn dreams into reality, while the latter can narrow one’s perspective to a keyhole. It’s a thin line between the two, so how do you keep passion from becoming obsession?

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2 Responses to Global Pancake Passion

  1. Eugene Topalian says:

    My answer to this would be what is already in the statement of passion as an expansion versus the perspective of the keyhole. With passion, the feelings and thoughts combine the physical, mental and spiritual to heightened awareness and joie de vivre. Obsession shuts out the other, uses the other, denies life in subtle and often brutal ways. Passiion, even when there is pain as part of the event leaves the peson open and alive, inclusive of the other and in full awareness of what is the core of the desire that is the passion ‘s flame. The surrender to passion is joyful, the surrender to obsession is in form of victimization. The sadness is denied, so is the protest but grief is always close to obsession, the grief of not getting what one wants and once the object of obsession obtained, thee knowledge that it’s very nature has a form of destruction within it.
    That’s in part my distinction between passion and obsession. In passion there is free will. In obsession, there is enslavement, however much the person denies it to be so.

  2. eugene topalian says:

    the first sip of coffee is passion, the third cup invites obsession or vice versa, sharing french roast with your beloved on top of the mont blanc or under cover in the bedroom is passion, stacking barrels of coffee in a high-powered vault for fear of running out or being broken in invites obsession or vice versa, smelling the rose that’s greeting us through the neighbor’s fence while it’s pouring cats and dogs and it’s about to strike midnight ushering a new year and the second decade of the third millennium on this glorious planet revolving around our beloved yet not eternal sun in its courageous attitude vis a vis the (x)nth big bang is passion, cutting the neck of the flower to enshrine it in a plastic glass of water sitting on top of the flush compartment of jack’s toilet seat to dilute the stink of his cheap hot dog invites obsession or vice versa.

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