Beatles, Anyone?

Okay everyone, in case some of you are missing reading the comments, I think it’s time to announce that this blog officially has a soundtrack running underneath it. According to my Musical Director, who shall remain nameless until he knows he’s been hired, I believe this blog is scored almost entirely by the Beatles. This includes “Hard Days Night” “Let it Be” and “All You Gotta Do is Love”. There’s also been some Elvis with “Why Can’t Everyday be Like Christmas?” In fact, it may be just as enlightening to skip the blog tonight and listen to some Beatles music very, very carefully. After all, according to the original living and breathing Beatlescyclopedia, my afore-unnamed Musical Director, the Beatles already said everything there is to say – and they did it with a song.

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One Response to Beatles, Anyone?

  1. Eugene Topalian says:

    ‘She loves you, yeah yeah yeah’
    ‘We love you’
    Oops, ‘we love you?’ The rolling stones?
    ‘I lost my reputation! ‘(shakespeare)
    And so time and age went into the closet and out came children to play and have fun and say, yes, life is beautiful, and ‘it’s a wonderful world’

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