Real-Dream Pace

I had an amazing Monday. I did everything differently than I normally do and it worked out brilliantly. I took my time, did things in the wrong order, and skipped must-dos all together. Somehow, the really important things seemed to work themselves out anyway. I didn’t wait for anyone or anything to happen. I didn’t regret a moment of the day or run out of time. I didn’t hurry, rush, or watch the clock impatiently. It was wonderful. I did exactly what I wanted to whether it seemed like the right thing or not. I skipped the grocery store and I still managed to make a dinner everyone liked. I made an appointment to see the doctor about my ailing hands which I have been putting off and he saw me right away. I talked on the phone to people I loved and for once I took time to sit with all the children on my lap as long as they wanted to.

I took Velvet out for a huge ride to the top of Cherry Canyon with Andi and Bo. I think it’s the longest ride I’ve ever been on. Velvet was fast and she tired herself out over miles of gaiting and galloping up muddy hills and wide fire roads. The air was so clear from last night’s rain that we could see a huge swath of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island from the top of the hill.

I don’t know if I could keep this rhythm going tomorrow or if it was just a fluke but I think I’d be better off making a habit of this real-dream pace.

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One Response to Real-Dream Pace

  1. Eugene Topalian says:

    Good for you! It is Your glorious life and time is the greatest obstacle to true soul freedom and joy! Love. Mom
    There was a song by Elvis, why can’t everyday be like Christmas, and who says we can only do it in Hawaii, so, even if it’s not the season yet, HO HO HO and HA HA HA… Eugene

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