Wool Work

I have some exciting new work to unveil. First, I finished my raw merino wool + merino/silk top:

I also received some gorgeous handspun wool from Uruguay. It took over a month to arrive but it’s pretty exceptional. I don’t normally buy dyed wool, fabric or yarn, but in this case I think it was definitely worth it:

I have also started spinning my own yarn. I was worried that my original attempt was too amateur to be considered successful but now that I’ve compared it to the Uruguay skein I think it might be a decent start.

Tonight I’m starting a new navy top. I’m using an American made, commercially dyed and machine spun yarn in a Tunisian stitch. It’s not as exciting a material as the silk and merino but I think the classic, even, reliable nature of the wool is going to make a quiet top that showcases simplicity in every way.

I am also attempting to make yogurt again. Here it is fermenting in a very special wool blanket by William Harvey given to me 14 years ago. There are so many wonderful blankets in the world I can’t waste any opportunity to enjoy them whether they’re warming babies, me, or milk.

Happy creating everyone!

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One Response to Wool Work

  1. rockyroader says:

    You posted some great pictures and sound like a down-to-earth, optimistic person. I just decided that I may want to learn some weaveing; never done it in my life. What would be the best way to get started?

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