Jumping through Hoops

My daughter is trying to teach the dog to jump through hoops. Literally. Becky gave her a hula hoop the last time she was here and now she wants the dogs to jump through it. While watching her, I noticed she had it held up three feet off the ground for some kind of massive circus jump. Coaxing and bribing was adding insult to injury to the poor dog. He tried to run under or rise up to the bottom of the hoop but he just could not get near the NBA heights she had set for him no matter how desperately he wanted to please her . So I went out there to point out her error. Her shoulders sank at the sight of my oncoming criticism and in doing so she dropped the hoop to floor height. As I was speaking, Huck jubilantly ran through the lowered hoop and wagged not only his tail but his whole back wiggled like an invertebrate. He was triumphant in his achievement. Asher missed the whole thing. She was busy listening to me. Well, he did it once so he can do it again. Next time I try to jump through hoops (or ask someone else to) I think I’ll lower the hoop, too.

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