Blogs, Bugs, Thoreau and the Fiber Arts

For me, one of the great things about blogging is the discipline of it. It’s one thing to write now and then, tucking random work away on a hard drive, it’s another thing to write every day and publish it. It adds a dimension of responsibility that can be useful.

The ongoing heat has brought in a major bug infestation. Besides the rats that were previously destroying my car, I now have a ridiculous amount of ants, spiders, moths and other creepy crawlies using our house as their home. There’s no real way to stop them, either. We live in a house where doors don’t close and windows won’t either.

My acceptance of bugs is made easier by the fact that I’m still soaking up all I can from Walden. At the risk of sounding corny, I’m taking my time because it is so profound. It’s dense. It’s inspirational. It’s informative.

I have a particularly interesting copy that I borrowed from the library. It has a lot of underlining in it. Even though I didn’t do it, I can’t help but be distracted by these lines. I end up emphasizing whatever the other reader felt was important. I feel like I’m learning as much about this other reader’s thoughts as I am about Thoreau. This unknown reader is like a left-wing pundit. He underlined the words that stuck to his agenda. He edited Thoreau to defend his own dreams and goals. I feel like I’m reading his personal diary.

I asked Sally if she had read much of Thoreau’s work. Although she said she isn’t generally drawn to reading philosophy, I still thought of her when I was reading him last night. Over the years I’ve noticed that she likes to play the game where everyone tries to think of different words that can be used to describe a group of animals, technically deemed a term of venery. I came across one in Thoreau last night that I had never heard before. I tried to memorize it when I read it but I couldn’t remember either what it was or where to find it when I woke up this morning. It was so good I thought it’d be her ultimate win word next time she plays it. That prompted me to look up more collective nouns. Have you ever heard of a sedge, or cete or a volary? How about a brace, a rookery, a fesyne or my favorite of all, an escargatoire? It’s amazing how many words there are that we don’t use. It may be even more amazing how many words we use that are useless.

As far as work goes I started to crochet the merino I posted yesterday. It led me to want to spin my own yarn, raise my own sheep, and open my own studio.

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