Longing for lobster

The sun is definitely not as brutal today as it has been. It’s a relief. It’s almost like someone opened the window in this car we’re all stuffed in.

We’re so un-used to weather here it feels like some kind of miracle. The girls ran outside to feel the rain and I went after them. It’s beautiful. The news says there’s a rainbow over us but I don’t see it. I think this might be the first time Elkin has ever heard thunder and Asher barely believes it’s real. The rain and sun and clouds and heat prompted me to ask Asher if she believes in God. She said yes. I asked her what God is, and she said it’s the spirit that made life. I asked her if she believed in Jesus. She said yes. I asked her what she believed about him and she said she believed he did great things, like bring dead people back to life. So I asked her if that means she is Christian, and she said no, she’s Jewish.

Beautiful Asher

The truly exciting news of the day is the STUNNING merino wool that I ordered has arrived. Hand spun, undyed, softer than…anything:

Merino WOW

I haven’t been able to wear any of the panel tops I made. It’s too hot. Karen left me a message last night. She said she hasn’t been able to wear any of her panel tops because it’s too cold. This new uniform is turning out to be less versatile than the smock.

I have finished a few other new rectangles for the upcoming show. I was able to use this gorgeous turquoise yarn that Andrea gave me a few years ago.

I hope this panel will sell. Andrea has suggested that we make less expensive items since the public didn’t seem persuaded to part with any large sums of money in Maine. None of my quilts sold, neither did the other pricier panels. After paying the commission I probably won’t be able to make anything out of these less expensive rectangles I’m making but a sale will at least cover the materials. It’s not like you can get paid for handwork anyway. You just have to enjoy doing it and be grateful if you can find a way to support it.

Not everything worthwhile in life is financially profitable. Why should it be?

Velvet had a horrible day today. She seemed more vulnerable than usual.  She was stubborn and bossy. She stood still and no amount of coaxing, kicking or clucking could un-plant her. The harder I pushed her forward the more she moved backward. We were losing ground. When I turned her around so that backward would be forward, it backfired on me. She reared instead. Although she was quite elegant about it, I was worried that she may go too vertical and squash me on the way over.

But we got through it. Patience prevailed and when she was bored of being stubbornly planted, she moved on in her effortless way. I enjoyed the ride home. Now if only I could eat a lobster roll…

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