Wood, Wool and Chocolate Sunday

This morning Andi and I took Asher for a two hour trail ride, despite the 108 degree temperature. Velvet was a handful. I came home and re-created Quimby’s curried chicken salad, played with some burnt umber and raw sienna to finish the pine countertops we’re working on, made my mother a flourless chocolate cake with a creme anglaise, and finished the newest wool panel top.

The sugar pine countertops are coming along

I hope they love this.

Creme anglaise, because it's her birthday...

Finished wool top: sell or wear?

Blogging + Bathtime = Multi-tasking

I’ve still got hours to kill before the family comes over to celebrate her birthday and it’s only getting hotter by the minute. I’m reading Thoreau in anticipation of a return to the Quimby table while panicking that if I don’t get back to Maine I won’t have anyone around who wants to bounce around this (new to me) philosophy. I’m also going to return to The Feminine Mystique to encourage myself that it’s okay for this housewife/mother to really want to be an artist/writer/Executive Director and maybe I will get back to Maine after all. I hope… I mean really, it’s hard to convince me that it’s too cold there when I’m boiling here…

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One Response to Wood, Wool and Chocolate Sunday

  1. Karen says:

    You are amazing!! What a day you had. That dessert looks amazing! Your panel top too! Your plans, thoughts, and beautiful family. Very inspiring, Tiprin! I need to read some Thoreau too so we can discuss.

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