Karen’s GFKAS Launch Photos

Karen posted all these wonderful photos on the GFKAS blog:

Portland, Maine was so happy to host the GKFAS project launch!!! Thanks SPACE Gallery + Portland Museum of Art + Quimby Colony!

It was so exciting to see what the “panelists” sent in the mail for our first show (bag and necklace from Donna Huanca)

The shipping container where we set up shop at the Portland Museum of Art

People buzzing around the museum before Block Party got started

Panel Products

Glad to capture our very first GFKAS sale! Thanks, Alex!!!!

Alex modeling her purchase (Kenturah scarf)

Tiprin works on her crocheting + people shopped the panel products

Ashira’s scarf  🙂

Ashira's scarf

Sage in Sophie Dress

Chloe in one of Catharine’s dresses. She was SUPER into the pockets!

Tiprin updating the group while taking a break from crocheting and talking about the project. Peggy helping manage the linen yarn… in her parka…. before her performance.

Block Party launch in full swing

Favorite part of the night… Peggy’s performance in her dress that turns into a meditation/ performance/bondage/lounging full body bag

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