Maine on the Brain

I can’t think of much besides moving to Maine. I love it there! I love Portland, I LOVE Quimby Colony, and I’m fascinated by all the small business and art supporters out there. The architecture is fantastic, the air is crystal clean, and the place is just ripe with history.

In the meantime, I am continuing to improve/create new panels for the five upcoming shows. I think my focus is going to be towards crochet because I have a lot of rectangles that didn’t work in their original form but are ready to be recycled in to perfect panels.

First I need my own top to wear. I started my merino wool panel top and ran out of wool before I could even finish the front of it. That led me to clean out my entire supply of yarn- a much needed project. I did not want to go back to that awful lady and buy more yarn so I’ve decided to finish the top in the extra Quincy linen I bought in Portland. I know wool and linen make an odd couple but I like to do everything wrong and make it right so it just might work out. Here’s what it’s looking like right now:

In the process of: linen and wool panel top

Now that it’s nighttime I can’t wait to jump in to my bed which is finally complete after months of searching for my dream bedding. Check out the gorgeous antique french grain sack (yes it’s from Maine!) and the balsam pillow made especially by a tiny store I can’t post a link to because they don’t sell online… you’ll just have to come to Portland to try one….there’s no way to describe the smell of Maine…mmmmm….

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