Completed Panel Top

Well I started the panel top last night and finished it this afternoon. I made an extra wide one first. I wanted something comfortable that would cover everything. I thought a big one would work well in the winter months because I could easily add an undershirt. But I think it was a little too big. Here are some pics Jenny took when she came over for lunch- which, by the way, wasn’t too shabby, inspired by the lovely meals at Quimby- smoked salmon on brown bread with capers and dill, poached eggs, romaine salad, and a gorgeous new French cheese from Trader’s Joes with dried figs. Dark chocolate and iced coffee for dessert.

Big Panel Top

Large linen panel top

Here it is with a belt. I think it would've looked cute with a pencil skirt if I had one.

Although Asher liked this top, I decided I was lost in it and I felt like an old lady so I cut it in half and made this one:

Small linen top

Short linen top

I left the sides open so that I could get it over my shoulders but it turns out that I don’t need that much of it open so I sewed up a bit more on the sides.

I am having trouble with the seams, though. I used the same type of construction that Andrea used on her panels but I think I’d like the seams to lay flat instead of having that structure the blanket stitch adds. I’ll have to make a few more of these to decide what works the best but anyway this was a good start. I think the first one is too big and the second is too small. Tonight I’m going to start on my crocheted one. I went to the only good yarn store around here and the lady in there was awful. She hated my kids and was so hyper about the idea that they might touch something that it turned out to be one of the most unpleasant shopping experiences I’ve ever had. I finally had to tell her that she might not like kids but she’s just going to have to deal with it if she wants customers. Meanwhile a group of knitting 30-somethings started talking about their children and how they wouldn’t bring them to a yarn store. Imagine that? All I can do is quote the wise word of Peggy, “BANANAS!”

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