Coming Home

I had the most amazing ride on Velvet today. There’s something so relaxing about a long trail ride. The water is still trickling through the creek and it isn’t too hot yet. We had a gorgeous gallop across the sand and stopped for a carrot break at Jenny’s. It felt like Sunday.

Los Angeles is incredibly different from Maine. I find myself reaching for the balsam pillow a lot here. Luckily Velvet and the children are fairing well on their own but Robert left for New York so we missed each other. I’m having a ball entertaining the idea of moving to Portland and looking at some beautiful old homes with waterfront views. Hmmmm…. I can almost smell the snow falling and a Christmas with a fire inside and a white pasture outside. Everyone says the winters must be horrible but I wonder if that just makes summer more special? I dread summer here…it’s so hot!

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