Panels for Portland

Here are some of the rectangles I’ve made for Portland. For the first one, I was thinking about newspapers. I love the way the text on the newsprint makes its own kind of pattern. I tried to transfer the ink from the newspaper on to fabric but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. So I decided I’d write on it myself. It was actually very exciting and I enjoyed every part of the process. I love to see the way the lettering looked on the muslin, I loved to write whatever I wanted without the usual self-imposed censorship, and of course, I always love working with my hands.

After the journaling was complete, I quilted the muslin with more muslin for a backing and my favorite cotton batting. The free-hand embroidery was even more fun than I remember. I have this feeling that after doing this type of textile work for long enough I’ve realized that there isn’t as much randomness to my work as I had once thought. There’s a definite process my mind goes through, a patterning my hands tend to create, and a style that develops. There are obvious repeats that maybe later will seem conscious but for now the mimicry of my own work comes as a surprise to me every time.

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