Funny things the kids say…

Maybe it’s only funny to me but I think I better take my mother-in-law’s advice and finally start to write down some of the funny things the kids say. Like today, we were riding and we were all quiet except for the horses’ hooves. Asher said, “Mom, I just saw a street named Dover.” I asked her why that mattered. She answered, “It’s the capital of Delaware.”

Yesterday I told Jenny I remember when my Tante Hedi in Germany would take me to tend her mother’s grave. Asher said, “I’d do that for you mommy.” I said, “That’s nice, thank you Asher.” She sat there for a second and answered, “What? You think I wouldn’t?”

In the car today, Orion said, “Mom, I had a bread bag for my lunch today. It was really embarassing. Don’t let it happen again. Thank you.”

I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically. Ok, so I got tired of him losing his lunchbox so I moved on to brown bags. I ran out and having finished a loaf of bread this morning I shoved his lunch in to the empty sack. It was funny to hear this new sense of awareness in him. He is now obviously conscious of the people around him and their ipods and iphones and brown bag lunches. How dare I disenfranchise him with a bread bag lunch? I felt the same way with my salad packed in an igloo courtesy of my French aunt who’d never heard of peanut butter or sandwiches for that matter.

I was talking to Asher about growing up and she says, “WHY are we talking about all these female developtions??”

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